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Why us?

We provide meeting rooms, giving a professional and modern environment which makes The Cambria the perfect choice for your conferences in Ceredigion.


  • Short notice booking
  • Online booking service
  • Professional and modern environment

The Cambria offers

  • Waiting area for your delegates
  • Nearby parking
  • Equipment to meet your conference needs

Rooms & Tariffs

ROOM 103 - Full Day Cost (9am - 5pm)  - £40.00 (Seats 5 people)

Board Room -
 Full Day Cost (9am - 4.30pm) - £70.00 (Seats 25-30 people)            

Layout and Equipment

What set up do you require?

  • Board room
  • Theatre
  • Horse shoe
  • Cabaret
  • Class room
  • Other

Room Set Up

Board Room

The board room set up is designed to promote conversation. Delegates are seated facing each other around a rectangular, centre table. This style is favoured for training events or committee meetings where participants will need to interact closely together.

Horse Shoe

The horse shoe set up is designed to incorporate conversation and presentations. Delegates are seated around the outside of an arch shaped table layout. This style is favoured for training events where monitoring individual or small group work can be done with ease.

Class room

The class room set up is designed to facilitate individually or small group work. Delegates are seated either individual or in small groups on separate tables laid out in rows and columns. This style is favoured for training events where monitoring individual or small group work can be done with ease.


Theatre set up is designed to allow the delivery of a presentation to the maximum number of people. Delegates are seated in rows facing the front of the room, where the presentation will be given. There are no tables unless the presentation requires them. This style is favoured for large question and answer sessions and presentations to larger groups.


The cabaret set up is designed to create a more informal atmosphere and allow group discussions normally in fives or sixes. Delegates are seated around round tables facing the front of the room. Very similar to class room style but creates a more relaxed environment.


If you require your conference room to be arranged differently from the styles described above then we are happy to accommodate your needs. Contact us online to inform us of what you require.

What equipment do you need?

  • Flip chart and pens
  • Projector screen
  • Data projector
  • Power point presentation equipment

If you have any other requirements please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.



Disclaimer: Please be advised that your room booking will be confirmed by the receptionist.

Call us on 01970 626 350 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

Key Facts

Room Size: 72.2msq

• Fits up to 24 delegates

• Spacious

• Bright

• At the back of the building

Ideal for: Any Business


"I rent a room with them which I use for teaching guitar—they're very reasonably priced and it's been an overall good experience renting from them"

Sam Holman (Guitar Teacher)

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